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I am delighted to present Capt. Alan Niblett, fly fishing and backcountry guide extraordinare.  Alan concentrates exclusively in fishing Citrus County's coastal "Back Country", these the shallow creeks and estuaries where most other guides seldom go. These areas are among the most prisitine Homosassa, Ozello and Crystal River have to offer and fly rodding is the preferred method of chasing the fish, bolstered by light spinning, when necessary.

The game fish focused on are Snook, Redfish and Sea Trout, but one never really knows what they might tie into in this "God's Country" area.

If you are looking for the challange of sight fishing to tailing fish or blind casting to Mangraove edges with your fly rod, please, do yourself a favor and give Alan a Call.  We guarantee you'll be glad you did.  The following are Alans' own words about what you might expect, along with some photographs of the skinny water boat, the gear, the scenery and the results of a great day on the water.



"For 20 years I've been fishing the backcountry clear waters of Homosasa, Ozello and Crystal River. During that time and with a great deal of help from my son, we have explored and discovered many hidden creeks, alleyways and small ponds, which rarely get fished because of their difficulty to reach. A trip to reach these remote areas will involve myself poling you in my Gordon which is designed for this style of fishing. Here you will find spectacular sight fishing for Redfish, Snook, Trout and many other speciess as well as the experience and solitude of what many others never reach or see in the area. The wildlife and scenery are breathtaking because of the remoteness, but create challenges due to the tight quarters, accurate cast, and extreme stealthiness. If this is the type of fishing adventure you like or have always wanted to do, I look forward to making your experience a memorable one.

Where We Fish

I like to let pictures speak more then words. Let these pictures describe the waters in the surrounding area of Homosassa. From the open crystal clear waters on flats to the brackish estuaries of where the gulf and spring fed rivers meet, these waters have so many options for any style of fishing. Depending on the season or time of day, each of these waters could be fished on a single departure. Preference and style usually decides which environment will be fished. The clear waters provide more visual sights of fish, but require extreme silence and stealthy approaches. Brackish estuaries, due to limitied visibility, require more searching techniques to find fish. Once found, these fish tend to be more relaxed which in return means they are more eager to eat. Whether fishing clear or brackish, both waters present very rewarding experiences and catches."

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Alan Niblett
Tel: (352)-220-1771

Half Day - $350
Full Day - $400