Master Rod Maker Ted Simroe perfected his craft during years of leadership as vice-president and master rod maker of the H. L. Leonard Rod Co. in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  As a direct result of Ted’s effort at Leonard, the company was able to survive the disastrous 1965 fire and prosper after all had literally been lost.

Ted’s rod building career spans almost 40 years and now when most folks his age are thinking retirement, Ted is excited about increasing his rod building and rod restoring efforts to nearly full-time proportions. We are thrilled to be able to once again offer our customers some of Ted’s fine rods.
The “Catskill school of rod building” is a term you occasionally hear dropped in conversations about rod building style. It has come to mean rods built following the basic tenets laid down by men like Hiram and Rueben Leonard, Edward and James Payne, Fred Thomas, Eustis Edwards, Hiram and Lohman Hawes and others. Theirs are rods built with extreme delicacy and accuracy, yet with built-in strength and power equal to the tasks they were put to daily.  The rods built by Ted Simroe, clearly show their lineage and are testimony to all that is revered today about the work of these earlier builders.  Delicate rod actions, finely calibrated tips and tapers, choice reel seat fillers and hardware, impeccable wrap and finish work, attention to detail seldom found in today’s throw-away society.  These are the features you’ll find so very well executed in every Simroe rod.  No disappointments, just top quality and the finest workmanship.  Nothing less is offered by the work of this gifted craftsman.

Ted is capable of building almost any reasonable fly rod from 2 to 4 pieces and from 6’ to 10’ for line weight from 2 to 10.  In short, the list of models is actually limited only by your needs.  We try to maintain a stock of Ted’s  most popular rods when possible and all those will be found in the “Current Inventory” pages.  Out of stock or to-order rods customarily take from 3 to 6 months to deliver.  These orders require a $100 non-refundable deposit to confirm.
SIMROE Two-Piece Rods      $1650
SIMROE Three-Piece Rods   $1800

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