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Only NEW reels Carry a 3-day Return Privilege

NEW REELS.  We regularly stock selected sizes, colors and models of new reels from some of the world’s finest reel makers. These include Hardy, Tibor, Pate,  Peerless,  Abel, Godfrey and a few others. We try to keep some stock of the most popular of the models from this list of builders.

We often list some of our inventory of NEW REELS individually in this reel list along with the classic and used reels we offer. They are ALWAYS marked as in NEW condition. Reels so marked carry full factory warrantees and come with all factory packaging. ONLY NEW REELS CARRY A 3-DAY RETURN PRIVILEGE! (A COMPLETE LISTING OF SPECIFICATIONS AND PHOTOS FOR ALL OF THE NEW REELS WE OFFER, CAN BE SEEN BY CLICKING HERE:  (New Reels).  Please do not confuse these NEW reels with Mint Condition (M) previously owned, (but brand new condition) USED REELS that are sold ONLY as in Mint Condition, and carry no implied or actual warrantee of any sort, except our guarantee to be in the condition described.

When you browse through our complete reel listings on this Web Site for a possible reel purchase, remember that we can obtain for you (or may have in stock) virtually any model offered by these reel makers, so if you don’t see the size or model listed, please ask us. Most often delivery can be arranged to be drop shipped directly to you in a matter of hours, saving unnecessary travel and waiting time, even on Reels that may not be in stock with us.

Also please bear in mind that we ALWAYS love to take quality and collectible fly reels in trade for all new or contemporary reels. Don’t be bashful about letting us know what you might have to trade.


P-Poor. Structurally sound. Needs major refinish.

F-Fair. Needs only minor work to fish.

G-Good. Shows use and routine care. Needs no work to fish.

VG-Very Good. Average condition. Shows light to normal use and is ready to take fishing.

E-Excellent. Above average condition with light use only.

N/M-Near Mint. Close to new. Barely used.

M-Mint. AS NEW. Never Used.

M/R-Mint Restored. Professionally refinished to new condition.

N-New. New merchandise. Never used, first time sold.

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56518. ABEL. 3". TR-2 TROUT REEL. The machined Abel Trout Reel! Black Coral finish, frame and spool. One of the loveliest single action reels in current production. Ventilated spool. Fixed click check drag makes sound coming and going. Reversible. Takes a #4, #5 or #6 line and backing. Rosewood handle. Comes with the original case and ONE EXTRA SPOOL in an original case. Only minor edge wear keeps this reel out of the unused  category.                         N/M. $265.00.    

             56333.   T  H.  BATE & CO. 2-15/16". BALL HANDLE NICKEL/BRASS MULTIPLYING NEW YORK REEL. Incredibly SCARCE, 2-15/16" diameter, 1-5/8" width spool, size #1 marked, "T.H.BATE & CO, N.Y." multiplying, ball handle reel. Handmade circa 1865 of all brass, Nickel plated and still working perfectly. This Civl War era reel shows a teeny bit of brassing on the underside of the reel foot only and retains 98% plus of its original finish. Walnut handle knob. T.H. Bate & Co. became William Mills in 1875.     E. $285.00 

         56447.     BEAN - L. L   . 3-1/4".      GUIDE 5/6 MODEL FLY REEL.     Made in England, by Hardy under the L.L.Bean label. This reel is nearly identical to the Marquis 6 Fly Reel, This aluminum reel has a one-piece frame, fully ventilated spool with a smooth rim control drag feature. Fitted with an adjustable pawl drag, the reel is reversible and can be used either handed. Finish color is Silver. Has capacity for WF6 line and 70 yds. of backing. Virtually unused in the original neoprene reel case. COMES WITH AN EXTRA SPOOL.                       N/M.    $185.00.   SOLD

         56504. PATE - BILLY. 3-3/4". DIRECT DRIVE TARPON FLY REEL. Early manufacture with serial #805. One of the first Thousand reels built by Ted Jurasik and the reel that made the Pate's reputation for unbeatable quality. All Black, hard coat anodized finish Tarpon reel. Solid Spool. Right Hand Wind only. Very Scare early model in perfect Fishing condition. Just lubed and serviced with new drag cork, this reel is ready for anything you can come up with. Barely used, with minor scuffs in the frame, nothing of consequence.  Takes up to 300 yards and a WF12 line. Working perfectly. N/M. $395.00.   SOLD

            56505. BILLY PATE. 3-3/4". DIRECT DRIVE TARPON FLY REEL. S/N J46. Classic Gold/Black Finish. Gold Frame with Black non-vented Spool. LEFT HAND Wind only. Adjustable internal disk drag. AND Rim Control Spool. Weighs 12 oz. DIRECT DRIVE retrieve. Most recent model with Adjustable drag PLUS Rim Control feature. Lightly used, with some minor surface scuffs and scratches from earlier battles. Accepts a WF10 and 350 yards up to a WF12 and 300 yards of 30# backing. Holding over 25 world records Pate reels are as fine a reel for Permit and big Tarpon as you can own. This one was just lubed and serviced with new drag cork and is ready for anything you can come up with. E. $450.00.

            56517. BOGDAN – STANLEY. 3-3/4". MODEL AF-200-M. This Right Hand Wind Bogdan Salmon 2 to 1 Multiplier was sold by Abercrombie & Fitch in 1967. Marked AF-200-M on the reel foot. Serial #67-67. 1-1/8" spool width offers ample capacity for up to a #10 line and over 200 yards backing. The perfect sized Salmon reel for today's fishing. Finished in a light gold color with black counter-balanced S-handle and foot. This reel shows some slight anodizing wear on the reel foot corners and on one rim with no other dings or scratches . The reel is 100% mechanically and is a totally fishable and functional, highest quality Bogdan reel. Near Mint cosmetically and perfect mechanically, just cleaned and oiled and the 7 position drag is strong and working perfectly. In a soft leather drawstring pouch.     N/M.     $3150.00.

             56513. CHARLTON - JACK. 3.5". ORIGINAL MODEL 8450C 7/8 CONVERTIBLE FLY REEL. Serial # 8450-9659. MADE in '96 BY JACK CHARLTON. Innovative convertible reel provides you with a lot of alternatives from one exeptionally well made reel. You can use three separate spools on the same frame, all different in arbor diameter to cover 3/4, 5.6 and 7/8 line sizes and backing. Secure the two smaller spools (available from Charlton Reels) and you'll have everything covered with one reel. Reel comes with this largest spool, just perfect for bass, heavy trout and light salmon, and Bonefish and filled with a brand new LEE WULFF Triangle Taper 8 line and 150 yards. Excellent machine work, exquisite Black, hard-coat type III finish, an outstanding drag with full-off to full-on in a single turn of the control, fully ported Black frame and vented spool. Unused in the original reel case, in the original labeled box. One of the hardest to find sizes here. (The reel is LEFT-HAND WIND ONLY, but may be reversible...Contact CHARLTON REELS now at for information and spools).
     M.         $1950.00.

56405. CATINO BONEFISH REEL. 3-1/2". A 3 1/2" diameter, 1" wide spool reel built by Cap't. Frank Catino of Satellite Beach, Florida in the 1980's. This right hand wind Bonefish reel has a black anodized finish, with perforated spool face and rear drag adjustment. In very good to excellent used condition. Mechanically perfect and ready to fish. In the original Neopreve reel case. VG. $255.00.

             56507. J.J.S. WALKER-BAMPTON & CO, - DINGLEY.      3-3/4".     TOP QUALITY SALMON / STEELHEAD REEL. Very similar to the Hardy St. John which it copies. Made in England by W.H.Dingley, a former Hardy reel-maker, between 1911 & 1940. Sold by Walker-Bampton & Co. of ALNWICK under that label and so stamped. Machined from cast alloy, these handmade reels feature a two screw latch cover, single spring and pawl arrangement that favors right hand wind only, extra strong drag tension in a wide drag range using the rim-mounted drag knob, a black hard rubber handle knob and a smooth brass foot that fits modern reel seats. The lead oxide finish has turned a nice patina with over 90% remaining on the reel. The frame, spool and foot all carry a '1' stamped in them and the spool also carries 'ALN' stamped inside, a Dingley earmark. Vented front plate on a solid spool. Works great for a 7/8 line and 200 yds. Outstanding vintage salmon / steelhead reel suited to modern day use. Very scarce reel. E. $435.00.

          56456.   EXTRA SPOOL - HARDY ST. AIDAN.   3.43".   LIGHTWEIGHT MODEL. Fits modern St Aiden Reels. Spool Only. Very hard to find.  Spool Diameter is 3.43 inches. Please measure your reel spool before you order.   E.   $75.00.








                 56338. ENGLISH UNMARKED REEL. 2". TURNED SOLID BRASS. OVER 100 year old, English made fly reel of solid brass with straight-crank, half- handle and shaped IVORY knob. Non-Click reel works strongly and could be used with either hand. Nice patina. This reel has a modern sized brass foot that will fit today's rods. Would also look great in a shadowbox or on a desk top. Excellent cosmetically.       E $95.00 

56416. JOHN EMERY TARPON/BILLFISH FLY REEL. 4-3/8". Before his death in 1986, Capt. John Emery, one of south Florida's finest Tarpon guides, designed and began production of a limited edition of ultra high quality Salt Water reels in two sizes to a design based on his years of fishing experience. Now considered one of the finer SW designs ever produced, these scarce reels have developed an almost cult-like following. They are a joy to use and are very collectible. Rim Control, Direct Drive, Vented & Counter-balanced Spool, Right Hand Wind Only, Large swept area cork drag, 1-1/8" wide spool takes over 300 yds + WF13 in this largest of the two sizes. Black finish. Individually serial numbered at No.519. This reel is in virtually new, never fished condition in the original blue heavy canvas cloth drawstring reel bag. Incredible reel to fish and collect. M. $650.00.

            56290. FIN-NOR. 3-1/2". MODEL #4 ANTI_REVERSE FLY REEL. Post Wedding Cake, Second Generation, Anti-Reverse Fly Reel. Stamped "Since 1933" on the conical back. Left Hand Wind ONLY and loaded with backing and a #13 Slime Line.  Dual knob handle. Adjustable cork disk drag. Takes 450 yds 30# backing and up to a WF14 line. Perfect heavy salt water reel. This is regarded as one of the best Fin-Nor models ever produced, and is the one avidly sought after as an every day fishing reel by knowledgeable Fin-Nor fans. Shows light use with minimal surface scratches and 100% mechanical condition. In original Neoprene reel case, original red box and factory paperwork. Strong collectible that is a terrific everyday fishing reel. E. $395.00 


              56337. HENDRYX ?? UNMARKED. 1-3/8". STAMPED BRASS RAISED PILLAR FLY REEL.     Shiny, stamped Brass 1-3/8" raised pillar, half-handle fly reel. As small as it gets and the smallest of these reels I've ever seen. Working fine. Black Wooden handle knob. Very Cute desk ornament.       E. $65.00 

            56340. HENDRYX ?? UNMARKED. 2-5/8". STAMPED BRASS RAISED PILLAR SKELETON FLY REEL. Very scarce ,stamped Solid Brass 2-5/8" raised pillar Hendryx made Fly Reel. Takes a #1 to 3 line and remains quite fishable. OR makes the greatest display reel! On/off click check is working fine. Wooden handle knob is missing but reel is still usable. Very Cute desk ornament. Riveted construction. Nice Patina.              G.    $45.00   SOLD


            56434.     HARDY - MADE IN ENGLAND.    2-5/8".   SMALLEST PERFECT FLY REEL.     This is the most recently produced, smallest sized Hardy, just right for a DT2 or DT3 line and up to 50 yards of backing. This serial numbered (A49298) reel is set up for right hand wind only. The overall design of the reel is identical to the original Perfects and includes an opaque white Agate Stripping guide cased in a Nickel Silver cage. It is a thing of beauty. For the fisherman looking for the ultimate Hardy Perfect collectible, here it is. Shows no use, in the original leather reel case, in the factory box with factory paperwork.   M.     $595.00.   SOLD








               56516. HARDY. 3-3/4". ST. GEORGE SALMON FLY REEL. Circa the 1980's, Two screw model. The largest of St. George reels for steelhead and salmon use. Takes up to a WF9 and over 200 yards backing. RH Wind only. White Agate line guide with no cracks. Adjustable Drag. This reel is only barely used in the original Blue/Tan Hardy soft case and factory box.          N/M.        $395.00.

               56452.   HARDY.   3-7/8".   ST. JOHN SALMON FLY REEL.     Beautifully made, 2-screw model from the 1960's with MK2 spares. Adjustable drag. Reversible. Stepped Brass foot.  Enameled Dark Gray finish shows routine edge wear from normal use. The reel is perfect mechanically with a strong, effective drag.    Comes with AN EXTRA SPOOL with the reel and x-spool in separate suede reel cases. Very Collectible and still the consummate salmon or steelhead fishing reel. Takes up to a WF9 line and 175 yards.   VG.   $425.00.

              56455.   HARDY.   3-3/16".   LRH LIGHTWEIGHT FLY REEL.   1960'S Made in England model LRH. Reversible Wind. Adjustable Drag. TWO -Screw N/S Line Guide. Comes in the original Blue Hardy Soft case. Shows normal use with some light rear rim edge silvering. Working 100% mechanically. Comes with ONE EXTRA SPOOL.   E.   $265.00   SOLD

            56474. HARDY. 3-3/8". ZENITH LIGHTWEIGHT SERIES FLY REEL. Early reel, MADE IN ENGLAND. The wide spool Zenith Lightweight has tremendous line & backing capacity combined with extra light weight. An ideal, highest quality, lightweight heavy duty reel for today's mid-weight graphite rods. Takes up to a 9 weight line and over 200 yards backing. Adjustable drag. Reversible. TWO-screw Nickel Silver line guide. Shows nornal use with minor finish edge wear. Mechanically 100%. Comes in the original 1960'd Hardy cardboard box. Fantastic bass, salmon, or steelhead reel.       E.    $325.00.

            56509. ENGLISH - UNMARKED. 4-1/2". MACHINED BRASS/HARD RUBBER REVOLVING PLATE FLY REEL. Two-hand rod, 6/0 Salmon sized, highest quality English revolving-plate reel made circa early 1900's in the perfect size for a 9 to 12 weight two-handed salmon rod. Takes a #8 to 12 line and lots of backing and will balance any rod up to 18 feet. Fixed click drag. Reels either right or left hand wind. All Brass, Nickel Silver and Hard Rubber construction with no cracks and all screws are accounted for. Nickel Silver Rim and all is virtually hand-made. Handmade 3-3/8" reel foot of brass. Brass cross pillars, spool and foot. Hard Rubber handle knob. Lovely Vintage reel, Working Correctly with excellent original finish. Use or display. Comes in the original fitted, hard leather reel case.         E.      $225.00.   SOLD

              56342. ENGLISH  WOODEN NOTTINGHAM STYLE REEL. 2-1/2".  ca. 1800's. Made in England. of a light shade of Mahogany. Wooden reel with dual wooden handle knobs. Knurled Brass center nut. Handmade brass reel foot and back strap. Very pretty with excellent wood grain. Terrific display reel. Lined with an old Linen Bait line.    E. $95.00 


A single action spinning/casting reel built in a style where the reel turns to the front to cast and pivots to the side to reel in. This reel was made between 1900 and 1917 when a small spring was added to the spool release tab to pivot the reel automatically. This is the earlier manual version that also includes a spring loaded spool release button to easily facilitate the spool reversal necessary to prevent line twist, a fact of life with this reel design.Made of machined brass throughout including the line guide arm. The on-off click drag switch is rim mounted and knurled. Very unusual oddity reel with lots of collectibility. Hard Rubber handle knob. Lovely, intriguing reel, Working well, with a nice patina.    E. $225.00    

           56511. MARRYAT. 3-1/8". MR 8.5 A FLY REEL. Serial # 006548. Gold Finish. Machined Aluminum. Lightweight reel. Reversible. Adjustable drag. Rim control. Counterbalanced spool. Large capacity for a WF8 or WF9 lines and 200 yards. Comes with the original Black color zippered suede leather case. Shows very light use and is working perfectly.       N/M.       $145.00.

       56403. OLYMPIC - JAPAN. MODEL SC 1100RL SPIN CASTING REEL. Nicely made, SMALLEST SIZE, aluminum spin caster with a nice anodized silver finish. Convertible for Right or Left hand wind. Very useable. Takes light flourocarbon line and casts really will. The reel is in excellent condition with an on-off anti reverse and adjustable drag. Fish or collect, your call. From the 1970's. E. $15.00.

             56477. ORVIS - YOUNG. 3.5". MAGNALITE MULTIPLIER FLY REEL. Made in England for Orvis by J.W. Young. Excellent quality, 2 to 1 multiplying retrieve fly reel with capacity for up to an 8 line and 100 yards backing. Fully Ventilated spool. Reversible wind with either side line guides. Adjustable drag. Rim Control drag too! This fully featured reel is a terrific fishing reel. Shows normal use and is working perfectly. Made of Magnesium alloy to reduce weight, so should not be exposed to salt water. Comes in a soft cloth bag. HAVE TWO AVAILABLE.   VG. $85.00. ea.

          56512. ORVIS. 3-1/2". FIRST MODEL BATTENKILL FLY REEL. The first model, and the original Orvis Battenkill fly reel circa the 1940's. This is a private labeled J.W. Young BEAUDEX model reel made for Orvis in England and carries the Orvis label. Reversible wind. Adjustable Drag. Shows average finish edge wear and is 100% mechanically. Capacity for up to a WF8 line and 100 yards. Ideally suited size that will perfectly match and balance any early Orvis bamboo rod 8 feet or longer. In soft cloth drawstring bag and original, labeled Zippered reel case. Quite collectible.      VG.     $95.00.   SOLD

            56424. ORVIS DXR ANTI-REVERSE FLY REEL. 4". DXR TARPON A/R FLY REEL. Top Quality, machined aluminum, disc drag, take a pounding, Anti-reverse, biggest game fly reel with ample capacity for 12/13 line and up to 400yds 30# backing. Plenty for heavy Salt water use, including giant Tarpon. Hard Coat, Corrosion proof finish. Reversible wind. Adjustable Disk Drag. Rim Control. Fully Vented spool. A full featured big game reel that has a super drag system. Comes in a Neoprene case. Shows almost no use. N/M. $195.00.

              56292. PFLUEGER. 4-3/4". CAPTAIN.  WIRE LINE TROLLING REEL. Marked "Pflueger CAPTAIN Made in U.S.A." Has Line Guide and Thumb Brake. Dual Black Wood Handles. Loaded with stainless wire trolling line. Right hand wind only. Impressive display reel. or go catch a salmon or lake trout.     E. $40.00

56421. PFLUEGER - BULLDOG. 2-1/2". HAWKEYE FLY REEL. Crisply stamped original markings, (including Bulldog stamp) on the faceplate of this most elusive and extremely rare highest quality, Pflueger vom Hofe Peerless style, Nickel Silver and Hard Rubber trout fly reel. Made only in this 2-1/2" size but with either a 7/8" or 1-1/8" spool width. ca 1905 to 1930 -ish, this is the most practical wider of the two models with the number "80" stamped on reel foot. This fantastic Click-Check reel Will take a up to 3/4/5 weight fly line and ample backing. Sculptured counterbalanced handle with Ebonite knob. Handle protected by the recess machined in the face-plate. On-off click check drag is working perfectly. Shows less than normal use and remains in well cared for condition. Reversible, can be wound either way. Right now favors Left Hand use, but will reverse by wearing in to the reeling direction most used. This reel is the Holy Grail of all the great Pflueger Fly Reels from the pre-depression days of the last century. Great classic fly reel for everyday use and the most sought after of all the great, early Pfluegers. In a small Able nylno spool case, perfect protection for a reel just oozing charisma. E. $695.00.

    Scarce size, early Model 1554 lightweight, skeleton style Fly Reel. Stamped with the Bull Dog Logo. Black Enamel Frame and Silver Spool. On/off click check. Reversible. Machined Brass screwed reel foot. Shows only light finish wear and working just fine. Takes up to a 5/6 lor 7 ine and 50 yards backing. Nice collectible or everday user. The smallest of the two Sal-Trout reels and the one for trout use. E. $45.00.

                56443. SAGE MODEL 33500D LOOP FLY REEL.     4-3/8".    Top of the line and made in the U.S.A. The Sage/Lamson latest Loop Reel technology. About the same size as the Loop Reel Model 1.5, with a Rim Control drag. A new centershaft design and cam activated click drag are sexy stuff. The black finish frame and natural aluminum finish spool creates a handsome look. Sage 3000 Series Loops are some of the very best ever done in this style and this reel is proof of that. Loop reels have a large diameter spool that effectively creates a 2-1/2 to 1 pick-up ratio when compared to conventional designs, allowing for better "hot" fish control and a smoother drag feel. Top quality fit and finish on this machined gem. Takes up to a WF12 line and more than 200 yards backing. Virtually new, unused condition. Comes in the original Sage zippered soft leather reel case.                                                                            N/M. $425.00.

               56353. SEAMASTER - SPINNING REEL. Design & Development of the Seamaster Spinning Reel was underway by 1947. Designed and built by Bob McChristian (Captain Mack), the Seamaster is thought by most to be the highest quality spinning reel ever made. The reel was available in medium and heavy duty sizes. The heavy duty reel came with a larger cup and spool for more line capacity but incorporated the same body size. Available with either a full bail or manual bail. The anti-reverse lock was automatic and silent. The gear case was a hand fitted, sealed waterproof unit.All were a luxurious Gold Anodized color. The earliest models were manufactured with a large, oversized Red handle knob, while later models have a Black color knob. No accurate factory records were kept on numbers produced, but it is generally believed production was 200 to 250 reels. Undoubtedly, that is why this reel almost never comes up for sale. This is truly the Holy Grail of Spinning Reels. Mechanically, this early 1950's reel is 100% with signs of relatively light use. The reel foot anodizing on the top of the foot carries the only corrosion present as a result of reposing on a brass reel seat for decades. Still viable and functional, despite this defect. Comes with AN ORIGINAL EXTRA SPOOL in a heat warped plastic spool case and with the original drawstring leather bag with two seam tears. Comes with two  8 x10 photos of Capt. Mac and his lovely wife (who built all their fishing rods) posing with the reel and fish they'd caught.                                            VG+++       $3500.00 

            56309. SEAMASTER. 3-7/8". TARPON ANTI-REVERSE FLY REEL. The conical back second model preceding the "Mark" series. Fantastic Tarpon, Shark and Permit Reel. Left Hand Wind Only. Built-up frame. Sculptured Stainless Steel cross pillars. Gold frame and handle plate (engraved "Seamaster, Tarpon"). Black spool. This reel shows absolutely no use. Apparently was never used. It is in 100% mechanical and cosmetic condition and comes with the original soft black vinyl zippered reel case, in the original box with factory paperwork. A perfect collector's reel cosmetically, it is also an "As New", perfect fishing reel as designed, and is ready for years and years of hard use fishing service. Line Capacity is over 200 yards and a WF12 or 13 line.                          N/M. $995.00.

             56254.     SEAMASTER.    3-7/8".     TARPON ANTI-REVERSE FLY REEL. The conical back second model preceding the ".Mark". series. Fantastic Tarpon, Shark and Permit Reel. Right Hand Wind Only. Built-up frame. Sculptured Stainless Steel cross pillars. Gold frame and handle plate (engraved ".Seamaster, Tarpon".). Black spool. This reel shows absolutely no use. Apparently was lined with backing and never used. It is in 100% mechanical and cosmetic condition and comes with the original soft black vinyl zippered reel case. A perfect collector's reel cosmetically, it is also an ".As New” perfect fishing reel as designed, and is ready for years and years of hard use fishing service. Line Capacity is over 200 yards and a WF12 or 13 line.          M.     $1100.00

               56375.    SEAMASTER.     4".     S-HANDLE TARPON A/R.    Right Hand Wind only. First Model. Built up frame with Stepped Stainless Steel cross pillars. All Gold color frame and spool. Made with the adjustable drag adjustment under the distinctive, chromed, SINGLE S-HANDLE fitted with black ebonite handle knobs. This wheel is engraved -Seamaster, TARPON" This earliest model, 1950's reel shows relatively light actual fishing use. with some very minor finish wear on the rims and conical back-plate, just enough to keep it out of the Near-mint condition category and, of course, of no consequence to the reels performance capabilities. These original S-HANDLE Seamaster reels are legend and almost impossible to find these days. All set to go and working perfectly. Takes up to a WF12 line and 300 yards backing. Considered by many to be one of the finest big fish fly reels ever made. Fish with the original reel that became the legend or collect, you decide. Either way, a terrific investment reel. In a soft Crown Royal cloth bag.      E.      $1195.00.
56418. SEAMASTER. 3-1/4". MARK II DUAL MODE Salmon/Bonefish Reel. Right Hand Wind.Only Absolutely brand new, flawless, in original black vinyl zippered reel case. Works as both a direct drive reel on the retrieve and a free spool anti-reverse reel when the fish is taking line, thus providing the best features of both styles of reel. The perfect bonefish or salmon reel. Takes up to 300 yards and a WF9 line. Gold frame, black spool plate, dual knob counter-balanced S-shaped handle, with drag adjustment disc under the handle. This is the hottest, most avidly sought-after, most difficult to acquire reel in decades. Maybe the best ever made with patented dual mode feature. Original owner's name inscribed on drag wheel, part easily replaced at Seamaster on this cureent model/. Brand new, never used. Save yourself a long wait. M. $1550.00.

            56334.    SEAMASTER.      MARLIN MARK IV DUAL MODE FLY REEL. Latest build and ULTRA SCARCE SIZE Dual Mode Fly Reel. When the handle is turned forward during the fight, the reel goes into Direct Drive mode allowing excellent fish control. Release of the handle automatically switches the reel into Anti-reverse mode and avoids the busted knuckle syndrome. This reel allows the best of both reels and really helps to control big., wild fish. Right Hand Wind Only. Machined Frame. SEA BLUE color unique to this model reel from Seamaster This reel has been barely used and shows a minor finish scuff or two to leave it in the 98-99% ,Near Mint condition category. The original owner's name is engraved in the drag wheel. Comes in the original Vinyl, leather-like drawstring bag wrapped in the original tissue. Takes 500 yds and a #12 line. Considered one of the world's finest Salt Water Reels. We concur. Ready to fish.        N/M $1750.00

          56476. SHAKESPEARE TOURNAMENT MODEL 1740 FREE SPOOL BAIT CAST. Tournament Free Spool. Nickel Silver model FE. Hand built in 1951. Perhaps one of the finest commercial Tournament Action bait casting reels ever made. This very scarce model is perfect with light action 1/4 to 3/8 oz bamboo casting rods and for thread-line casting for distance. Jeweled bearing caps, backlash adjustable, on-off click, free spool activated by moving handle outward. Lightweight Aluminum spool with wood arbor, dual knob counterbalanced aluminum handle. Still one of the best reels you can use, works great for both fishing and tournament casting. In superb original condition and the handle will spin freely for a week :-).         N/M.     $185.00.

            56435.    VOM HOFE - JULIUS.    2-3/16".    MIDGE FLY REEL.   Number 4 size, 2-3/16" diameter, Nickel over Brass/Hard Rubber Fly reel stamped with "JULIS VOM HOFE, MAKER, N.Y." on the face plate. On-off click knob on the hard rubber backplate, counterbalanced handle with shaped crossbar and Ebonite knob. Simple Click Action is very smooth and working beautifully. Favors Left Hand Wind, but can be used either way. Perfect for a #2 or 3 line.and any shorter fly rod. Excellent antique condition in a drawstring leather reel bag. Getting harder and harder to find.      E.     $250.00.

        56508. VOM HOFE - EDWARD. 4". Model 504 4/0 Tobique Multiplying Salmon Reel. Becoming Nearly impossible to find. The ultra scarce, Edward vom Hofe 2 to 1 Multiplying Drive ,Salmon Reel Model #504. Size 4/0 is the most desirable and sought after size for two-hand salmon and Steelhead use. Not all Tobique models employ the unique seven-position internal drag index gear which is regarded by most as the finest working model produced by vom Hofe. This one is blessed with that gear and demonstrates no time lapse when the drag is first engaged. Right hand wind, 7 position red dot drag, Nickel Silver roller pillars. All parts are handmade and fitted. This reel has just undergone complete service and cleaning and is perfect both cosmetically and mechanically. In appearance, it is showing virtually none of the normal surface scratches from fishing service. The hard rubber is bright and black with no cracks. Reel is in near mint condition in a hard leather, fitted, original reel case. Engraved side plate with "W, B, N." common to these exceptional reels. A fine old Edward in unbelievably fine overall condition with a perfectly working drag, ready to give years of trouble free service and nearly impossible to find, today.     E.      $2850.00.  SOLD

              56478. YOUNG - J.W. 3-1/2". LANDEX MODEL - DUAL MODE SALMON FLY REEL. Very scarce and difficult to find, the smallest size, 3.5" Salmon reel. Free spool. Dual Mode action allows, Direct Drive and Anti-reverse Features in the same reel. This model from Young was the first of its designed and is an Engineering Marvel for the 1920's when it was first introduced.Wire formed metal line guide. Large line and backing capacity and free spool anti-reverse feature make the Landex a much respected salmon reel. Takes 200 yds and up to a number 9 line. Working perfectly. In a soft leather drawstring case. Lightly used and still in great condition. E. $145.00.





      56420. YOUNG - J.W. 3-1/2". LANDEX MODEL - WIDE SALMON FLY REEL. Very scarce and difficult to find, the smallest size, 3.5" Salmon reel. Free spool. Dual action, Direct Drive and Anti-reverse Fly Reel. The Most desirable, early model with gray finish and Square metal line guide. Large line and backing capacity and free spool anti-reverse feature make the Landex a much respected salmon reel. Takes 200 yds and up to a number 9 line. Working perfectly. In a zippered vinyl case. Very Lightly used and still in near mint condition. N/M. $175.00.  SOLD






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